Anton Vanhoucke

Innovation Manager
& Agile Coach

Innovating can be tough. Maybe there are enough ideas, but your organization lacks focus. My innovation management experience can be of value. Maybe you’re in an Agile Transition and it doesn’t bring the expected results. In that case, an Agile Coach is what you need.

Great Innovation comes from great teams. Not from ideas on sticky notes.

I combine Innovation Management with a deep knowledge of Agile Coaching. That’s because I believe teams deliver results, not projects. Success comes from effectively motivating and empowering teams. The combination of Agile and Innovation Management has proven to effectively accelerate growth and organizational agility. Interested? Let’s discuss the added value of Agile Growth for you and your teams!



About me

Innovation Strategist

Anton has a lot of experience with successful innovations. He brings a different mindset and a strong customer orientation to the team. Anton’s experience in digital media and communication reinforce the team’s success. His endless curiosity is driven by one question:

Why do people do what they do?

This question never ceases to fascinate Anton. It’s interesting on many levels: from team performance to organizational behavior to customer choice.

Anton’s personal motivation is to help people rise above themselves. This makes them happier and more productive in teams. A positive impact is important to Anton. That’s why Anton carefully chooses his clients.

My blog about Agile Coaching and Innovation

I am sharing my insights, favorite book summaries, notes and teaching methods on my blog. It’s the stuff I learned about effective teams in organizations that bring results.

Agile Coaching inspiration on Social Media

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Ik had een interessant gesprek met Ruben Klerkx over #creativiteit en het menselijke #brein. Wat zegt de #wetenschap over de creativiteit en #teams? Helpen #agile en #scrum om creatief te zijn? Luister lekker onderweg op Spotify:
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The next article in my series about teamwork. Forget all feedback methods you learned. Brutal honesty is the only way!
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Agile Growth5 days ago
Leia Organa Solo was an amazing Product Owner. Learn about Scrum with this #starwars guide to #scrum! https://buff.ly/2OpEZie 🤓 😜
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Agile Growth1 week ago
If you don't #sleep enough, you get #cancer, #alzheimer's, #dementia, #stress AND impaired memory. Your skin becomes ugly too. https://buff.ly/2HdrwqL. So: no #coffee after lunch, no #smartphone in bed, no regular alcohol and no frequent flying. #justsayin #heavyfuel #liveharddieyoung
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Agile Growth1 week ago
Don't say: "Effectivity," but say: "Effectiveness." Or even better: "efficacy" #English #languagelearning
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Agile Growth2 weeks ago
Comment with your opinion! Is #innovation best done with #focus in #scrum? Or can it be done in intermittently?